SPECIAL PROJECTS Have you ever consider give a book as a present for your costumers?

Beside our own publications, Nobel develops especial projects for companies, in accordance with the communication needs or themes of interest. Since the creation of publishing project until the pressed book, Nobel takes care of the entire project: publishing coordination, personalized graphic project and definition of more qualified professionals for the specific subjects.

Our intention is to take care of our costumers and partner’s necessities as projects that deserve especial attention; after all, each project is unique and has its own characteristics and objectives.

You can offer our books as a gift to your collaborators or customers. For this, we develop especial project with the logo and messages of your company. We can also produce a co-edition of the book with your company.

We’ll be pleased in creating solutions total directed to your project. Contact us for the email atendimento@editoranobel.com.br

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